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Dear Customers,
X-Formation wishes to advise that our office in Krakow, Poland, will be closed on Friday, August 15th due to a public holiday. Our sales staff will be unavailable on this day, so responses to your queries may be delayed.
We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and greatly appreciate your patience.
Kind regards,
X-Formation Team

License Statistics v4.14 now available.

Today we’re pleased to be releasing the next update of our license monitoring software, License Statistics. In this release we have made a few fixes and improvements to the look and usability of pages. We’ve also heard your feedback about issues you were experiencing, and addressed them for better performance, increased stability and greater user experience.
Here’s a snapshot of the changes we’ve made in this release:
  • As of this release, Windows XP is no longer supported, with the oldest supported versions being Windows Vista and Windows 2008.
  • We enabled log rotation for licstat.log file to prevent its excessive growth.
  • We made enhancements to UI preferences for the Realtime Utilization report grid, as well as Usage Per User report grid in the Reports page.
  • We renamed the Most Utilized Features grid in the Dashboard to Realtime Utilization to maintain consistency with the Realtime Utilization report in the Reports page.
On top of that we’ve addressed a couple of fixes — be sure to read a complete list of release notes.
Haven’t you used License Statistics yet? Try our online demo or download a free trial now!
We would like to thank all of our Customers who contributed to this release; it would not have been possible without your help. As always, we stay committed to delivering the best possible software experience to all of our Customers.

New License Activation Center End User Portal has just been released!

The new License Activation Center End User Portal has just been released! You can now fully enjoy its revamped interface, which will help you get where you want to go, faster!
Check out the portal’s responsive design, more intuitive way of providing your HostID information, and much more.
We’d love to hear your suggestions on what could make the End User Portal an ideal solution for online license activation.
What are we doing well? What can we do better? Help us provide the best possible service to you by sharing your feedback with us.

Explore our software. Enjoy your aha! moment.

Part 2

In last week’s article, Explore our software. Enjoy your aha! moment. Part 1, I talked about the importance of software test drives and how the demo versions of our software license management solutions can help you make informed software decisions. And in this article, as promised, I’ll give you the specs on our trial licensing practices. I will also turn my focus on how you can use LM-X License Manager to deliver your software to your prospective customers. Stay tuned!

Get ready for a 30-day software test drive

A quick test drive around the block may not be enough to assess whether the car is right for you. You should test on different types of roads, preferably in different types of weather.
And what about software test drives?
Software trials are typically limited to a certain period of time, so the big question that arises is: “How much time is needed to evaluate software? A week? Two weeks? Or perhaps a month?”
As it goes for a customer-driven development company, we make it possible for you to download and evaluate trials of all our software products. Here are some of the highlights of our trial licensing practices:
  • 30-day evaluation period
  • No registration hassle. You are required to provide us only with basic registration info to be able to download the latest version of our software.
  • Full support during evaluation period. Our support team is always ready to thoroughly investigate any issues you may have with our products.
You can download trial versions of License Statistics, LM-X License Manager, and access the trial version of License Activation Center.

So where’s the win-win?

Enabling software trials and demos entails a number of advantages for both would-be buyers, as well as for software providers. The first can take the opportunity to thoroughly test software to see if it has all it is supposed to have, while the latter, driven by user feedback, are able to deliver solutions faster, without loading them up with new features that are not always desired by end users.
So are you thinking about offering a “software test drive” to the prospective users of your software? Don’t forget that you can use the trial version of LM-X, our feature-rich software license manager, to let your users evaluate your software before purchase!  With LM-X, you can license your application any way you want by establishing a license policy that best suits your customers’ needs. Supported LM-X licensing models include: network licenses, node-locked licenses, trial licenses, time-limited licenses, pay-per-use licensing for back-billing customers based on their actual usage and many more! Be sure to read LM-X License Manager Quick Start for more in-depth information.
Don’t forget that we’re here for you  always eager to answer any questions that may have crossed your mind.
Sit back in your armchair. You don’t need to test the car on different roads to see how it performs in varied conditions. No rain, no hail, no sleet.
Simply enjoy the drive.

Explore our software. Enjoy your aha! moment.

Part  1

Do you sometimes eat a single grape before buying a bunch? Or do you just grab a whole bunch and hope for the best? Well, to be honest, I almost always taste one grape before buying them (and let’s skip the discussion over whether it’s OK to taste something without buying it or if I am excused as soon as I play by the rules and tell the sales clerk to add a little extra for what I have consumed :)).
What about testing cars? Do you test drive a car before you buy it to make sure the car is comfortable and suits your needs? And laptops? Do you thoroughly analyze a list of specs retailers rush to give you as soon as they see you’re laptop shopping? Do you verify if the specs they give you are in sync with reality?

And what about testing software?

Testing software before buying it should be made an essential part of your software buying experience. Why? Because software must be reliable and you must be able to trust it. Software must also be usable, flexible, and cost-effective. At X-Formation we can assure you that our software does just that—it helps you save time and work smarter. But assuring somebody of something and offering someone hands-on experience with something are two different things. At X-Formation we’ve always recognized the importance of offering “software test drives” for our Customers, and we put this knowledge into practice long ago by creating demo versions of our feature-rich software license management solutions: License Statistics, LM-X License Manager, and License Activation Center (LAC). Our demos contain all vital ingredients for good demos: they are easily accessible, intuitive to use, fully functional, and appeal to your unique licensing needs.

So do you want to see the magic?

As a would-be buyer of software products and services, you are probably keen to see the software you’re intending to buy in action. Well, we’re well aware that you should be able to test fully functional solutions: let’s start with the live demo of our license monitoring software, License Statistics, which gives you all the features License Statistics is packed with save for a few options available only for Administrator users (such as enabling email notifications for various events or setting user permissions, and so on). As for our software license manager, LM-X, you can avail yourself of a well-designed live demo that is easy to access and use. If you’re interested in automating license activation, the LAC demo is something you cannot miss if you’re keen to see how easily license creation and activation can be simplified.
The grape-picking season is only beginning. Buy some grapes, sit comfortably in your armchair, and check out our products and services. There is no need to fasten your seat belt, turn off your phone or worry about legroom.
Remember to join me for part 2 of  this article as I will give you details about our trial licenses and how software companies can use LM-X to deliver trials to their prospective customers.

LM-X License Manager v4.7 is out now!

We’ve just released a new version of our feature-rich software license manager.
As of this release, you no longer need to use a separate mingw32 installer to compile the LM-X SDK using MinGW,  because it has been merged with regular Windows distribution that originally contained only Visual Studio libraries. However, if you want to use both MinGW and Visual Studio libraries, you should compile a single SDK twice: first using nmake to initialize Visual Studio libraries, and then with mingw32-make to initialize MinGW libraries, as described in Compile the LM-X SDK on Windows.
Furthermore, this release introduces new libraries for 64-bit MinGW platforms. Both 32-bit and 64-bit libraries were produced using updated versions of version 4.8.3 of gcc.
Be sure to see Release Notes for all details.

License Statistics v4.13.2 now available for download

We’re proud to announce that License Statistics v4.13.2 has been successfully rolled out! We’ve launched this release as part of our continued commitment to software excellence for our Customers.
Beginning with this release, you can decide whether you want to enable Feature Versioning for the supported license servers. When you set Feature Versioning, features with different versions will be treated as separate.
Furthermore, this release introduces an improved layout of the Realtime Utilization report (see above) with Feature group column and better filtering capabilities. This report lets you see information about the feature utilization on monitored license servers or license server groups for a particular moment.
On top of that, as of this release we have:
  • Improved displaying the Verify output when adding a Realtime License Server for monitoring.
  • Enabled Realtime Denials to be turned on by default for the license server types that are supported..
  • Added a Feature Versioning toggle option to the Realtime License Servers tab.
  • Added fallback information about a missing Flash plug-in to older charts.
We have also eliminated a few problems for Dassault realtime parser including the one that was causing problems with unsupported token-based licenses.
Be sure to see detailed release notes.
This release is something you must see!

Update: the refreshed look of License Activation Center End User Portal

We’ve been super busy in the last few weeks making the interface of License Activation Center (LAC) better to help you get where you want to go, faster. And today we’re excited to show you a glimpse of what we’ve been up to.

Responsive user interface

We have revamped the interface of the LAC End User Portal, and now it looks significantly different to what you have used so far. We hope that you will agree that it’s much more intuitive and can greatly increase your experience with LAC.
With the new, responsive design, web page layout adjusts itself to the size of the specific device fitting the available space (for example, a laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone).

More intuitive way of providing your HostID information

The new, improved End User Portal lets you type in the required HostID information in a more intuitive way, because you no longer have to but still can if you decide to keep using the old portal  follow certain rules when entering the data, i.e. TYPE1=value1, TYPE2=value2 format (for example, Username=JohnSmith, Hostname=HostC). Furthermore, we’ve made it possible for you to obtain your license directly using the URL by typing in the shared link in a web browser. You can access the LAC End User Portal for a given license order directly from the vendor side of LAC.
Please note that although the new End User Portal has already been released, it will replace the existing one on August 05, 2014. Until then, the End User Portal will remain fully accessible to everyone who is in the possession of a proper link or has access to the vendor side of License Activation Center.
We are continuously improving the service, and we’ll keep you posted about any changes we introduce. Thanks for being so patient!
To find out how LAC can improve your company’s licensing strategy or to discuss LAC pricing options please drop us a mail.

License Statistics v4.13 is here!

We’re pleased to announce the release of License Statistics v4.13. We’ve launched this release as part of our continued commitment to software excellence for our Customers.
This major upgrade delivers a revolutionary new feature: Realtime Denials. Realtime Denials provide realtime information about the users that are currently unable to check out a license due to checkout requests exceeding the number of available licenses. Just to remind you all, so far, it’s been possible to prevent productivity loss in your business by reviewing the Denied Requests Log. From now on, however, you can see which users are denied access to applications in real time. You can enable tracking realtime denials data when adding or editing license servers.
On top of this improvement, this release contains 6 more enhancements and addresses several bugs, making License Statistics even more bug-free and user-friendly.
As of this release:
  • The warnings that indicate inconsistent feature versioning will be displayed for a given license server.
  • Overall organization of license servers has been improved by flattening the structure of server aliases.
  • Logging procedure is simplified and there are no more logging failures for users authenticated through LDAP option.
  • Default ports have been added for Secure Connection options in the Administration page.
  • The handling of update scripts has been enhanced by refactoring them.
In this release we also addressed a few bug fixes; for example, we’ve fixed an issue with the total expired licenses count for Dassault license server and eliminated problems with HASP import parser.
Be sure to read Release Notes for full details.
We’d love to know what you think of our products so drop us a line.
Haven’t used License Statistics yet? Try our online demo or download a free trial now!

Public holiday notice

Dear Customers,
X-Formation wishes to advise that our office in Krakow, Poland, will be closed on Thursday, June 19th due to a public holiday. Our sales staff will be unavailable on this day, so responses to your queries may be delayed.
We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and greatly appreciate your patience.
Kind regards,
X-Formation Team