License Statistics v4.13.2 now available for download.

We’re proud to announce that License Statistics v4.13.2 has been successfully rolled out! We’ve launched this release as part of our continued commitment to software excellence for our Customers.
As of this release, you can decide whether you want to enable Feature Versioning for the supported license servers. When you set Feature Versioning, features with different versions will be treated as separate.
Furthermore, this release introduces a new Realtime Utilization report (see above) with Feature group column and improved filtering capabilities.
On top of that, as of this release we have:
  • Improved displaying the Verify output when adding a Realtime License Server for monitoring.
  • Enabled Realtime Denials to be turned on by default for the license server types that are supported..
  • Added a Feature Versioning toggle option to the Realtime License Servers tab.
  • Added fallback information about a missing Flash plug-in to older charts.
We have also eliminated a few problems for Dassault realtime parser including the one that was causing problems with unsupported token-based licenses.
Be sure to see detailed release notes by clicking here.
This release is something you must see!

Update: the refreshed look of License Activation Center End User Portal

We’ve been super busy in the last few weeks making the interface of License Activation Center (LAC) better to help you get where you want to go, faster. And today we’re excited to show you a glimpse of what we’ve been up to.

Responsive user interface

We have revamped the interface of the LAC End User Portal, and now it looks significantly different to what you have used so far. We hope that you will agree that it’s much more intuitive and can greatly increase your experience with LAC.
With the new, responsive design, web page layout adjusts itself to the size of the specific device fitting the available space (for example, a laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone).

More intuitive way of providing your HostID information

The new, improved End User Portal lets you type in the required HostID information in a more intuitive way, because you no longer have to but still can if you decide to keep using the old portal  follow certain rules when entering the data, i.e. TYPE1=value1, TYPE2=value2 format (for example, Username=JohnSmith, Hostname=HostC). Furthermore, we’ve made it possible for you to obtain your license directly using the URL by typing in the shared link in a web browser. You can access the LAC End User Portal for a given license order directly from the vendor side of LAC.
Please note that although the new End User Portal has already been released, it will replace the existing one on August 05, 2014. Until then, the End User Portal will remain fully accessible to everyone who is in the possession of a proper link or has access to the vendor side of License Activation Center.
We are continuously improving the service, and we’ll keep you posted about any changes we introduce. Thanks for being so patient!
To find out how LAC can improve your company’s licensing strategy or to discuss LAC pricing options please drop us a mail.

License Statistics v4.13 is here!

We’re pleased to announce the release of License Statistics v4.13. We’ve launched this release as part of our continued commitment to software excellence for our Customers.
This major upgrade delivers a revolutionary new feature: Realtime Denials. Realtime Denials provide realtime information about the users that are currently unable to check out a license due to checkout requests exceeding the number of available licenses. Just to remind you all, so far, it’s been possible to prevent productivity loss in your business by reviewing the Denied Requests Log. From now on, however, you can see which users are denied access to applications in real time. You can enable tracking realtime denials data when adding or editing license servers.
On top of this improvement, this release contains 6 more enhancements and addresses several bugs, making License Statistics even more bug-free and user-friendly.
As of this release:
  • The warnings that indicate inconsistent feature versioning will be displayed for a given license server.
  • Overall organization of license servers has been improved by flattening the structure of server aliases.
  • Logging procedure is simplified and there are no more logging failures for users authenticated through LDAP option.
  • Default ports have been added for Secure Connection options in the Administration page.
  • The handling of update scripts has been enhanced by refactoring them.
In this release we also addressed a few bug fixes; for example, we’ve fixed an issue with the total expired licenses count for Dassault license server and eliminated problems with HASP import parser.
Be sure to read Release Notes for full details.
We’d love to know what you think of our products so drop us a line.
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Public holiday notice

Dear Customers,
X-Formation wishes to advise that our office in Krakow, Poland, will be closed on Thursday, June 19th due to a public holiday. Our sales staff will be unavailable on this day, so responses to your queries may be delayed.
We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and greatly appreciate your patience.
Kind regards,
X-Formation Team

X-Formation unveils a new careers website!

Our company continues to grow, so we are ceaselessly looking for new ways to better highlight our vibrant culture, great expertise, and why X-Formation is such a great place to work. Today we are happy to announce that our new careers website is live and ready for the whole world to view! It is bright, energetic and exciting, just like all of us here at X-Formation :-)
Visit and learn more about X-Formation’s friendly team!

License Statistics v4.12.3 is out now!

We’ve just rolled out a new version of License Statistics that brings a few enhancements as well as a few bug fixes detailed below.
The major change in this release is the removal of the option of downloading the SQL representation of the query used to generate a License Statistics report. This was done because SQL queries used by some clients for creating their own, customized queries have proved to be difficult to understand, and thus error-prone. Furthermore, as of this release:
  • Support for SSL/TLS secure connections is added for better integration with a mail server.
  • Displaying servers or features under the Email Subscriptions tab in the Preferences page when no such servers or features are being monitored is disabled.
  • Extended validation is added to the form under the Email tab in the Administration page to make error messages much more verbose for better understanding of the problem with the Verify action.
  • An invalid count of duplicated user/host pairs has been fixed for Dassault realtime parser.
  • Minor inconsistencies between data that is exported and later displayed on Denials grid and on Users Using Feature On More Than One Host grid have been fixed.
On top of these changes, we’ve addressed a few other fixes that enhance the stability,  performance and convenience of using License Statistics.  Be sure to read Release Notes, which always cover what’s new in our releases.

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At X-Formation we’re fully aware that protection from unplanned events is critical for every business. This is why we’re starting to use Twitter alerts, an easy-to-use solution designed to help you get most important information related to outages and other unexpected events that can result in problems accessing License Activation Center (LAC).
This new system is dedicated to streamlining urgent communications and facilitating collaboration with our Customers, as well as those of you who would like to keep abreast of all the urgent information related to X-Formation services.
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License Statistics v4.12.2 now available for download!

Today we’d like to announce the release of a new version of License Statistics. This version addresses a number of critical fixes, letting you experience increased performance and reliability of our software. Some of the issues fixed in this release include:
  • Fixing a failure with parsing “\” usernames for FlexNet realtime parser.
  • Fixing an issue with CreateMissingHosts changing auto_increment value when not needed.
  • Enabling applying proper CSS style when filtering by one of Feature columns in the Usage Per User report in the Reports page.
  • Fixing the Verify action under the Email tab in the Administration page to use the values from the database instead of the form.
  • Adding a missing Feature Type translator to the FeatureType column in the Usage Per User grid in the Reports page.
  • Enabling filtering for the “Permanent” value even when typing in only part of the word.
On top of some important fixes, this version also includes some minor improvements to first fields in forms in a few UI pages — be sure to read Release Notes for full details.
This release is something you must see!

Public holiday notice

Dear Customers,
Please be advised that due to Public Holiday our office in Krakow, Poland, will be closed on Thursday, May 1st. Our sales staff will be unavailable on this day, so responses to your queries may be delayed.
We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and greatly appreciate your patience.
Kind regards,
X-Formation Team

License Statistics helps Severfield-Rowen Plc effectively manage network licenses


Company overview

Severfield-Rowen Plc is the UK’s leading structural steelwork fabricator. The combined resources of the Group of Companies have the design, engineering skills, extensive expertise and experience to handle complex projects over a diverse range of market sectors, including high rise towers and complex structures undertaken by the Group.


The challenge Severfield-Rowen Plc was facing was that it needed to monitor network licenses managed by FlexNet license server. Furthermore, because the company’s design departments work closely with the Consulting Engineers at the concept of the project and with the assistance of the latest “state-of-the-art” computer software for 2D and 3D analysis modelling and design, the company needed a license tracking solution capable of gathering the data reported by FlexNet license server, which would manage the CAD software environment together with all its instances of executable files.


With its unbeatable support for over 15 license servers, License Statistics worked out really well for Severfield-Rowen Plc and quickly turned out to be “the” solution rather than “a” solution for them. Prior to discovering License Statistics, they had used a solution that was not capable of collecting data reported by FlexNet license server. This is why X-Formation’s solution proved to be precisely tailored to the unique needs of Severfield-Rowen Plc and provide the options sought by the company.  Furthermore, License Statistics’ ability to track floating licenses managed by FlexNet license server, as well as associated license instances fulfilled the company’s requirements in terms of monitoring network licenses.


Thanks to License Statistics, Severfield-Rowen Plc can quickly gain insight into license utilization, discover areas for potential savings and avoid the cost of overspending on software licenses.
By eliminating the need to purchase additional, unneeded licenses, License Statistics generates significant cost reductions and productivity gains for the entire company.
Try License Statistics demo and take advantage of the outstanding options it offers.
Interested in License Statistics? Drop us a line if you’d like to discuss this unique license monitoring solution with us more.