Manage licenses

Take advantage of software's most prominent business trends and reduce your license usage.

  • Track and analyze the actual usage of software licenses in your organization
  • Reduce business risks and software costs by up to 30%
  • Improve company productivity and ROI
  • Monitor software compliance to minimize audit risks
  • Forecast your future licensing needs
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  • Manage licenses
  • Protect apps

    Protect your software against piracy by enforcing various levels of security.

    • Control your license policies separately from your products
    • Protect products against piracy and enforce various levels of security
    • Meet evolving customer needs with multiple options for bundling and configuring products
    • Provide end users with fast and worry-free license administration and management tools
    • Reduce distribution and support costs by providing activation over the internet
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  • Protect apps
  • Create licenses

    Dramatically simplify software license creation and distribution.

    • Save time and money through automated license creation and delivery
    • Enjoy the ease of switching between different business models
    • Improve customer satisfaction with 24/7 on-demand access for end users
    • Boost revenue and reduce operational costs
    • Spare yourself traditional installation hassles and maintenance worries
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  • Create licenses