In our opinion the functionality of the support service is extremely important. The software’s internet pages are also clear-cut and extremely helpful. We also appreciate the software’s continuous development.

Arto Möttönen

CAD Manager, A-Insinöörit Oy

I have to tell you how satisfied I am with License Statistics. It works very well and is so very easy to administrate.

Joakim Brosten,

HPC System Specialist, ABB AB – Corporate Research Sweden

After working closely with X-Formation, I feel we made the right decision. The product has all the features we desired, and they continue to listen to us closely for our future needs as well.”

Steve Fine

Altair Engineering, Inc.

It is a pleasure to work with the LM-X team, who is always ready to help and answer any questions quickly.”

Jens Ulrik Christensen


LM-X was very easy to integrate with our product. The integration was very intuitive and we’ve been provided with excellent support and a comprehensive solution.”

Avi Eliyahu

Arcos Technologies

LM-X has given us the opportunity to improve our licensing model by providing support of all required features like floating licenses, cross-platform compatibility and dongles, in a very flexible and reliable way.

Eric Courtois

Manager, Caps Entreprise

Our major corporate clients choose X-Formation for its flexible and powerful engine. It is very easy to integrate with other applications and moreover very competitive price compared to other vendors.

Anwil Shetty

Sales Manager, City Computer Company

We are very satisfied with the solutions provided by X-Formation. Their licensing software is both powerful and flexible. X-Formation also provides superior customer service and is acutely aware of the needs of both their direct customers and the end users.”

Bjarne Knudsen

Lead Developer, CLC bio

LM-X was the only product capable of providing us with the features tailored exactly to our company’s needs. The pay-per-use approach proved to work well with our licensing model, and it could be an interesting opportunity for us to explore new business models with in the future.

Dr. Ernesto Mininno


The decision to use LM-X to license our products has turned out great. LM-X is powerful, flexible, easy to incorporate into our products, and very reasonably priced”

Marcus Nordenstam

Founder/CEO, Exotic Matter

LM-X License Manager meets all our requirements, good licensing scheme, fair pricing, easy to install and manage. This is exactly what we were looking for.”

Ilfak Guilfanov


With License Statistics, we can now monitor the real usage of each license for every user and partition the costs in a more realistic and fair way.

Moritz Amort

Leitner Ropeways

We were able to achieve significant license cost savings by adjusting the number of floating licenses.

Oliver Winkler


License Statistics provides all the functionality we need at a considerable savings over all its competitors.”

Brian Griffin,


LM-X fulfils our needs perfectly fine to date with cross-platform availability, network and machine-locked licenses and very easy integration into our software.

Johannes Stallkamp


To my knowledge LM-X has proved 100% reliable at customer sites, so we could ask for nothing better!”

Chris Richardson

Lead Developer, Petrell

License Statistics has been working out extremely well for us. We use the software to actively minimize the license usage of our highly expensive software and appreciate that the software shows us license utilization so we can track the actual usage.

Charles S. Bell

IT Manager, IT Services, SBM Atlantia

We have been able to reduce the number of licenses and save money for several applications, and in a few other cases, License Statistics made it clear that we needed additional licenses.

Ivar Westerholt

System Engineer, GustoMSC

LM-X is flexible and offers all the license types we need. Furthermore, if we have any questions, the X-Formation support team helps quickly.

Markus Schindler

Schindler GmbH

Detailed monitoring of used licenses allows us to better divide the software costs for the individual companies of Skoda holding.

Stanislav Cechura


We have been very impressed with both the quality of your software and your timely support.

Zach Westfall

S-Frame Software LLC

License Statistics offered us a comprehensible, visual tool that met our needs for a reasonable price.

Clara Alonso Fdez-Coppel


We started monitoring that server with X-Formation’s License Statistics and determined we had more licenses than we needed. At our last renewal we were able to save thousands of dollars, much more than License Statistics costs.

Paul Gibson

Network Administrator, Technology Service Corporation

We wanted to reduce license maintenance costs and optimize license usage. License Statistics was a careful choice, mainly due to a lot of functionalities of the tool.”

Herve N. Kaoua,

Thales Alenia Space

We’ve been very happy with X-Formation and LM-X. The software is well documented, works as advertised, is regularly updated with new features, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Matt Pattison

TLP Innovations

X-Formation provided us with a licensing solution (LM-X) for our software that is both flexible and strong. Support has been excellent and we have not regretted our decision.”

Matt M.

Director of Applications, Tuscany Design Automation, Inc.

We started to use LM-X to protect our software in 2008. To date, it has worked very well and the technical support has been very responsive and helpful.

Aake Nordahl

Ph.D. CTO, Umetrics

LM-X has been an excellent replacement for FLEXlm. The interface from both an end user’s as well as from a developer’s point of view is very straightforward.”

John Lu, Director Software Tools


We highly recommend X-formation cost effective solutions. We are also very happy with X-formation’s professional support team.

Kacem Abida, Manager

Product Development Vestec, Inc.

Through monitoring the peaks of usage we could improve the utilization of our software more effectively and save costs. The easy accessibility of the usage monitors and the real-time graphical visualization is a plus of X-Formation License Statistics.

Christian Lutz

CAD Administrator, WAREMA Renkhoff SE