LAC + LM-X License Manager for an end-to-end licensing solution

  • Want to license and protect your software?
  • Looking for effective self-service license distribution and activation?
  • Interested in gaining total control over your software licensing?

The answer is LM-X License Manager and License Activation Center!

Protect and license your software

LM-X License Manager is designed for software vendors to enable numerous licensing models to securely license and protect your software against piracy and meet the evolving needs of your customers with many options for bundling and configuring your products. Effective software management enables you to reduce distribution and support costs, while minimizing business risks. At the same time, you can maximize your software investment, increase revenue, and deliver fast and worry-free license administration and management for your end users.

License creation and activation simplified

By teaming LM-X with License Activation Center you get an end-to-end software licensing solution. LAC is a cloud-based license management/activation platform that offers centralized license management – you can use the Administrative area to define your products, create license orders and send activation keys to your end users. Your customers can then use LAC to generate and download their licenses at the time most convenient for them.

LAC not only simplifies license creation and activation, but also provides a SOAP vendor API that can be used across many programming languages and offers a variety of useful reports, so you can get a clearer picture of the products and features your customers are activating. LAC natively supports LM-X License Manager, but can also be used with 3rd-party licensing systems, such as Reprise License Manager (RLM) and FlexNet Publisher.

Discover LAC benefits

  • Completely automate license creation and activation
  • Minimize the support required to administer the license fulfillment process
  • Improve the efficiency of the license procurement process
  • Increase customer satisfaction with 24/7 on-demand license activation

LM-X License Manager and License Activation Center provide a complete license management solution that will significantly improve your business flexibility with a variety of licensing and pricing models, and improve your profitability with more efficient and effective day-to-day operations.

Try before you buy

See License Activation Center and LM-X together in action. Contact us to get pricing, trial access and 50 free license activations!