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License Statistics helps MA Hospitals better forecast their future licensing needs and plan purchasing accordingly

The Business Challenge and the License Statistics solution

The Massachusetts Hospital Association (MHA) is a large not-for-profit health organization comprised of hospitals and health systems, as well as related organizations.
Before using License Statistics, MA Hospitals did not use any license management solution. The vendor from whom they purchase software uses  LM-X License Manager to protect and license his software applications and this vendor recommended that they try out License Statistics and see how it can help them gain full control over their company’s license usage.
Buying X-Formation’s license tracking solution enabled them to see which licenses were in use, identify licenses that  were overused or nearing overuse, and, based on the collected license usage data, establish whether there is a need to add base or functional modules.
Overall, License Statistics proves to be a valuable tool that lets MA Hospitals collect and present data necessary to make smart, intelligent decisions for software budgeting by letting them:
  • Monitor how many licenses are available
  • See how often users were denied licenses and when these denials occurred
  • Check which applications are being used most
The above information allows MA Hospitals to make a solid justification for the need to purchase more licenses and avoid overspending on purchases and software renewals.


Although they’re still in the beginning stages of data collection, they already define their experience with License Statistics as very positive and say License Statistics is a valuable software license management solution that helps them:
  • Gain control over their IT assets
  • Improve the company’s business operations and profitability
  • Better plan future licensing needs
If you haven’t tried License Statistics yet, try out our online demo or download a free trial to find out how easily you can gain control of your IT assets and avoid the costs and risks of getting it wrong. Need help? We’re a click away.

License Statistics helps BRVZ reduce the number of support cases caused by using up all available licenses

About BRVZ Bau-Rechnen- und Verwaltungszentrum GmbH

BRVZ is an internal IT service provider for all companies of STRABAG SE, a Europe-based technology group for construction services.
The company provides a wide spectrum of services for the construction industry that cover the industry’s entire value chain: building construction & civil engineering, transportation infrastructures, and many more.

The Business Challenge and the License Statistics Solution

Before using License Statistics, they did not use any software license management solution. The main reasons why they chose X-Formation’s License Statistics included:
BRVZ wanted to avoid losing money from both under and over-licensing of software. They also wanted to view usage reports and found them necessary to calculate prices that their IT center charges from other business units based on the number of end users, as well as extrapolate such numbers for the future.
License Statistics provided all the functionalities that they needed, i.e.
  • Detailed reports that can be exported to Microsoft Excel.
  • Email alerts informing about license servers going down, feature utilization exceeding a specific percentage, as well as feature expiration.
  • Visually rich charts and graphs that give a quick, clear picture of license usage and help avoid over-licensing.
The ability to subscribe to receive email alerts enabled BRVZ to manage their licenses in a proactive manner and helped them reduce support cases caused by using 100% of available licenses from the license pool, saving their time, money, and resources.


License Statistics proved to be easy to handle and provided the functionality they were looking for, i.e. support for all types of license servers. They valued very good, quick support and said that response time to emails was very quick.
In addition, they said that both product documentation as well as knowledge base addressed the issues they were looking for.
If you haven’t tried License Statistics yet, try out our online demo or download a free trial to find out how easily you can gain control of your IT assets and avoid the costs and risks of getting it wrong.

How to monitor the health of your network by receiving automatic PRTG notifications in HipChat


Many companies base their internal communication on instant messaging tools such as HipChat or Slack. It would require complicated custom scripts to push PRTG notifications into these services. In this tutorial you can learn how to quickly create such notifications in HipChat using Connect.


In order to complete this tutorial you will need to:
  • Sign up for Connect
  • Have administrative access to PRTG
  • Generate a HipChat token with the following scopes: Send Message, Send Notification, View Group, and View Room. (Please refer to Connect documentation for detailed instructions on how to generate a HipChat token.)

Step 1. Configuration on the PRTG side

  • In PRTG go to the Setup > Account Settings > Notifications and add a new notification.
  • Create a regular notification and in the Subject for Summarized Message field add all information that you would like to see in the final notification in HipChat. For the purposes of this tutorial we will add  [%sitename] %device %name %status %down: %message there, as shown below.
  • If you have a different [%sitename] than the default one – “PRTG Network Monitor”, make sure that in the next part of the tutorial (“IMAP configuration”), you will place part of your current PRTG Site Name in filters configuration. You can check your [%sitename] by going to Setup > System Administration > User Interface.

Step 2. Configuration on the Connect side

  • Then choose the IMAP mail server from the Application drop down list as a source in your connection. You can also optionally change the name of the connection.
  • Next click the New button and then configure your IMAP mail server. Make sure that you are adding an IMAP mail server receiving emails from PRTG notification. You can choose one of the existing email provider templates or add your custom one.
  • When you are done with adding your account, change the Query Interval to Continuous in order to receive notifications in real-time, choose a proper Mailbox, where emails from PRTG land, and set up the filter which will “catch” your emails. In our case we need all emails containing  the word “PRTG” in the subject.
  • Then save your changes and in the next window that opens choose HipChat as a destination for our connection. Just like we did before: add a new account by clicking the New button.   To add a HipChat account, you will need a token. (You can find more information about how to create a HipChat token in Connect documentation.)
  • When you successfully add your HipChat account, then you can determine to which room or user you want to send your PRTG notifications. The last step involves creating a  message in a HipChat room by simply adding the %{subject} to the message field.
  • After saving the last changes, you can be sure that whenever your IMAP mail server receives an email from PRTG, you will automatically see a proper notification in a  HipChat room of your choosing. If you want to send this notification to multiple rooms or users, you just need to add another destination to this connection.


In this tutorial, you could learn how to create a working integration between PRTG and HipChat in around 10 minutes or less, saving yourself lots of time which you would normally spend writing the custom script. It is noteworthy that you can extend this configuration by not only specifying which devices or sensors Connect should react to, but you can also configure Connect to extract specific parts of an email or use its advanced filters to receive only the updates you care about most. Connect gives you a number of options for customizing the notifications according to your needs, and, what’s most important, it works in real-time.

Tired of switching between your email account and JIRA? Integrate them with Connect!

If you want to create new JIRA issues based on a customer email, you can use Connect’s email-JIRA integration to send emails to JIRA as issues so that people responsible for handling a specific issue know immediately that a task has been created and that steps need to be taken to perform it.

JIRA as a destination

With Connect you can automate your daily workflow by integrating your source application (email) with JIRA destination and creating issues/comments faster and easier than you would do by using JIRA’s built-in “message collector” feature. What gives Connect superiority over using only the native JIRA-destination is:
  • The ability to create issues from all supported source applications in Connect, such as Twitter, Salesforce, or RSS without using any custom plug-ins and authorization keys to JIRA
  • The ability to create and update issues with relevant information (for example, with comments or attachments) and generate attachments from custom content before attaching it to the issue
With Connect, when data is extracted to the attachment and sent to JIRA, the person assigned to this task doesn’t have to waste his or her time doing unproductive activities such as logging in, sorting, or reading emails. Every piece of data from an email can be extracted directly to JIRA, saving your time and letting you focus directly on the issue.
You can also use Connect’s advanced filters to specify filtering criteria in the source app in order to enable Connect to extract all desirable information and forward it as one file to your JIRA target app. Once you’re sure Connect will get the data you’re interested in, you can configure its filtering criteria and define to-be-extracted parts of a source message to automatically forward such data to JIRA and automatically create a task and even assign (!) the right person to it, speeding up work and setting up priority for every single task depending on the keywords inside the received email.

JIRA as a source

You can gain an upper hand over your daily workflow also when you decide to use JIRA as a source and, for example, by being able to integrate it with your own custom workflow without involving admins working in your organization. What makes using JIRA with Connect more powerful than only using JIRA-source is that:
  • When you use Connect with JIRA source, you can decide how often you will check for changes in JIRA
  • You can also define the content of the output message (JIRA has its own hard coded templates)
  • You can parse a custom part of the message from JIRA and use any extracted data you wish to get
  • When you use Connect, you can define many different destinations with a custom message, each for a single JIRA event
  • You can use powerful filtering capabilities of interesting content with JQL syntax
Want to try automating your workflow with Connect? Sign up for Connect today (or simply log in) and go through our interactive Tutorial that will teach you how to quickly get started with adding accounts. Good luck!
If you’re willing to see how you can easily automate your workflow with Connect, we encourage you to take it for a test drive today. Please don’t forget let us know how we you’re doing (both good and bad) so that we can make Connect even better for you in the future. Questions? We’re only a click away.

Case Study: City Computer appreciates the ease of use of License Statistics and high level of X-Formation’s technical support

About City Computer

Founded more than 10 years ago, City Computer L.L.C. is an industry-leading engineering company which supplies all kinds of IT hardware and software solutions together with annual support and maintenance.
As system integrators providing high-level products and services, the company builds successful partnerships based on trust and commitment characterised by exceptional honesty, care and integrity; therefore, they’re able to constantly expand their customer base and continue on an upward trajectory.

The Business Challenge and the License Statistics solution

Before using License Statistics, the company had not used any software license management solutions. They found License Statistics easy to use because there was no need to install all modules like clients’ PCs and information could be easily accessed, whereas other management software solutions were much more time-consuming and less intuitive. The company was facing business challenges such as client dependency, money management issues, as well as problems related to quality and growth.
Compared with other license management software, License Statistics enabled City Computer to save lots of time, have up-to-date information at any point of time, as well as access numerous applications.


Most important performance improvements that were possible thanks to License Statistics were related to time and money, i.e. key areas all companies need to stay on top of. City Computer is very satisfied with X-Formation’s product, as well as superior customer support.

Use Connect to automatically manage your Salesforce leads, opportunities, and invoices. And much more.

When you work as part of a sales team, every day you face different challenges and your priority is to turn a sales lead into a full customer. On a daily level, your job is likely to include:
  • Determining your customer’s needs and expectations
  • Deciding whether the products you sell need adapting to meet such needs
  • Answering any technical questions the client might have
Chances are, you probably know more than well that finding customers and retaining them, as well as constantly keeping your customer’s satisfaction requires your time and effort, because you need to spend you time listening to your customers, understanding them and solving their problems. And, once again: this means time.
With Connect you can have more time for your customers, because you can automate some of your daily tasks. And this extra time you will save makes the difference between giving a good customer support and a great customer support.
Many sales teams work with CRM tools such as Salesforce when handling leads or exchanging email correspondence with their customers. Connect makes it possible to receive a message in your email box/ HipChat room in just a few seconds after a new lead is created in Salesforce. This gives you precious time to contact the customer before he loses his interest in testing your product.
As soon as Connect informs you in a HipChat room that a new lead has appeared in Salesforce, it can create a new task in JIRA, helping you manage the whole sales process and record any further activities with your sales leads. On average you can save up to 10 minutes per customer using Connect, plus the point for receiving real-time notifications. Staying on top of things is key.
But Connect’s role is not limited to leads, because it can also automate the management of invoices, either sent by you or received by you. Connect can automatically send invoices as PDF attachments wherever you want, to whoever you want. You can set up alerts for HipChat and, when an invoice is received, simultaneously create a task in JIRA to plan further work.
Other of Connect’s capabilities involve integrating RSS or Twitter with destination apps (Slack, HipChat) so that you can be alerted about news and information that may be interesting for your and your daily work.
Simply go through our interactive Tutorial that will teach you how to quickly add accounts in Connect and simplify your workflow. Test Connect now and see how easily Connect can boost your daily workflow with a few clicks. Simply combine a source of your choosing with a destination like Slack or HipChat and let us know how you like it :)

Easter Public Holiday Notice

We wish to advise that our office in Kraków, Poland, will be closed on Monday 28 March due to public holidays. Our sales staff will be unavailable on this day, so answers to your questions may be delayed.
We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and wish you a Happy Easter!
Kind regards,
X-Formation Team

Case Study: RTDynamics finds LM-X License Manager more attractive than their proprietary licensing solution

About RTDynamics

RTDynamics, a Germany-based software company, specializes in building desktop software applications for Windows and Linux.
Their products can be used in military, civil training and engineering simulations. For over 10 years defense and aerospace companies have been using solutions developed by RTDynamics to build pilot training, engineering, air combat and radar simulation applications.

The Business Challenge and the LM-X Solution

Before switching to LM-X License Manager, RTDynamics had been using its proprietary license management solution. They decided to switch to LM-X, though, because X-Formation’s software license manager turned out to have all the features they needed and enabled them to manage floating licenses, which they hadn’t been able to use before. On top of that, TCO (the total cost of ownership) over a five-year period, i.e. the estimation of the expenses associated with purchasing and using LM-X, was much better than in case of other license managers.


Thanks to the extensive features and flexibility of LM-X, RTDynamics was able to start using floating licenses which they use in their organization. Overall, their experience with LM-X was very positive and satisfactory.
Interested in evaluating the latest version of LM-X License Manager? Submit your request for evaluation today. Already using LM-X? Download the latest version of the vendor LM-X SDK and see what’s new.
Remember to contact us with any questions or problems you may have: we’re only a click away.

Integrate Twitter with HipChat (or Slack) and stay agile!

It is known far and wide that Twitter is a huge database of the latest information with over 600 million users around the world. You can use it to talk about what’s happening around you right now, to follow up people, companies, blogs, or newsletters. With Twitter you get almost all the news from the entire world. And, what’s more important, you get all this news in one place.
But Twitter is about something more than just following your favorite websites because we live in a world where social media is essential when it comes to business. You can use Twitter to build strong relationships with your customers or to create your company’s brand awareness by helping people notice your brand/logo/company image because:
  • Twitter is online and fresh, constantly updating and delivering the latest news
  • Links from Twitter to your website are very good for your site traffic and SEO
  • It’s a great way for people to learn about your company from afar

Sharing successes

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use Connect to share tweets with all the people from your company (or members of your company’s specific department) about your own team’s activities such as reaching new markets or winning big customers? Sharing successes is always pleasant, let alone the motivational effect it has on others. Thanks to this Twitter-Connect integration even employees that are not involved in “big” things in the company will be able to stay up-to-date with current developments and … simply know (and feel) that they’re working for a real market champion!
So what if you wanted to forward these inspirational tweets to a HipChat room or a Slack channel of your choice? It’ simple — and you can do it all with Connect.

Activity in times of agility

Twitter, unlike other social media, is an active form of social communication. You can use it to inform your employees (e.g. from a financial department) about the latest news as they unfold. When they know immediately what is going on in the economies of the countries your company invests in (for example, Chinese or American markets), chances are they will be able to react in time and make sound business decisions before unexpected events affect your business. And it doesn’t always have to be bad news. What if new opportunities of doing business with Russia arise and you know people to know about it immediately? Of course you could tweet about this or that opportunity, but there is one one drawback wit it: time. Nobody has enough time to sort out information delivered via “tweets”. And, more importantly, sometimes news needs to be delivered really fast to right people or departments so people can make most of it. And it’s almost impossible to do it this way using only Twitter… But there is a solution. And it’s easy.
It’s Connect.
Connect can push selected tweets to right people or departments in a few seconds. All you need to do to make it happen is to:
– add two accounts: one for Twitter (source app) and one for the destination app (or a few destination apps!) of your choosing (like Slack, JIRA, or HipChat).
If you wish to try Connect yourself, feel free to take it for a test drive today. Please don’t forget to let us know how we you’re doing so that we can make Connect even better for you. Questions? Problems? We’re only a click away.