Salesforce is great but using Connect can make it even better

If you’re a sales rep, chances are that you regularly use Salesforce to manage your leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities. Salesforce helps you spend less time doing administrative work and more time on winning new customers. But however useful Salesforce is, there are always ways to make it better. And here’s where Connect steps in, boosting your Salesforce workflow and making you work smarter, for example by
automatically creating a JIRA issue each time a Salesforce opportunity is updated, created or deleted
How to do it
To let Salesforce talk to JIRA with Connect:
1. Add two accounts:
- one for Salesforce:
- and one for JIRA :)
2. Configure Salesforce as a source:
3. Configure JIRA as a destination.
Try this connection now and see how magically Connect will boost your own workflow with few simple clicks.
Some other scenarios in which Connect may help you boost your daily workflow include:
  • keeping your sales team up to date on sales and marketing activities by sending automatic HipChat alerts for new Salesforce leads or opportunities
  • informing sales team that a lead turned into customer (HipChat, mail)
  • informing customers or your account department via email that payment in Salesforce has been received
  • sending HipChat notifications for new Salesforce leads
Combine the Salesforce source and a destination of your choosing and improve your Salesforce workflow today.

Automate your workflow and grow your business with X-Formation Connect!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just launched a new service,  X-Formation Connect. We’re building Connect for you so that you can bring all your team communication in one place and eliminate all workflow-related headaches you may have experienced in your company.
X-Formation Connect is an online service that automates parts of your business, allowing you to build connections between different web apps (like RSS, HipChat, Salesforce or Twitter) in order to:
  • automate lots of tedious tasks
  • save your company’s time, money, and resources
  • focus on stuff that really matters
Connect is designed to be easy to use by everyone. It runs on most popular browsers and can be used from a mobile phone or tablet. It’s very intuitive to work with and includes many features that help you quickly automate lots of tedious tasks. With Connect you can:
  • get data from one source and simultaneously push it to multiple destinations
  • monitor apps in real time
  • extract content based on defined keywords
  • filter content as desired
  • monitor the status of all your connections
Some exciting new features are in the pipeline so be sure to sign up for Connect and see how we will be refining it for you.
To get started with Connect:
  1. Sign up for your Connect account.
  2. Start creating your connections by going to the interactive Tutorial in Connect or checking out our online documentation to find out how you can easily make a connection.
  3. Sit back and watch the Connect add a little magic to your productivity flow by syncing the apps of your choice.
For more on the specifics of adding accounts and configuring connections, check out our online documentation. If you can’t find what you need, you can always ask our Support team for help.
Remember that we’d love to get your feedback on how we’re doing, both good and bad.

Office closed for a public holiday

Dear Customers,
Our office in Cracow will be closed on Wednesday, November 11, for a public holiday. Our sales and technical staff will not be available on this day, so answers to your questions may be delayed.
Kind regards and apologies,
X-Formation Team

License Statistics v5.0 released. Customize your License Statistics Dashboard for the best report overview!

We are proud to announce that we have just released a major upgrade of our license monitoring software, License Statistics. In this release we focused primarily on implementing improvements to the customer experience through usability updates to the License Statistics Dashboardwe replaced the existing Dashboard with a new customizable Dashboard which you can use to add, delete, move and minimize different grids and charts as desired.
The new Dashboard offers greater flexibility and control over your reports’ content and format—delivering instant access to more information and with greater clarity.
Here are a few highlights of the new Dashboard:
  • It’s easy to customize.
  • You can use it with a number of reports and charts, as well as rearrange reports and remove unwanted ones. Some of the reports you can add to the Dashboard include, among others, Current Users, User History, Denials, as well as Highest License Usage chart.
  • We have enhanced the Dashboard with a new feature for generating dynamic titles for a number of reports, including Expiring Features, Current Usage Above 24 Hours, Feature User History, as well as for the Expiring Features chart. The dynamic title is generated after a report has been added to the Dashboard and is also visible in exported reports.
  • The Dashboard layout can be either one-column, two-column, or three-column.
With this release, we have also:
  • Enhanced the General Information panel in the User History grid with the following new information: feature version and type; a count of licenses used, borrowed, and reserved; the feature’s utilization percentage; last update time.
  • Added the ability to filter data in the User History report by year, week, month etc.
  • Changed the way of reporting user sessions by listing all user sessions instead of aggregating them.
  • Improved error handling and introduced more descriptive error messages.
  • Renamed Current Users pie chart in the Current Users report to Current License Usage and Current Users With Highest License Usage bar chart to Highest License Usage to maintain consistency in naming.
  • Added a new Settings panel in lieu of the Advanced Filtering panel for the User History grid.
  • Created a new backend module that enables better aggregation of usage data. (Though the development of the module is not complete yet, we expect that it will significantly improve the quality of generated reports and deliver greater performance than ever before).
  • We have also made a couple of other improvements and fixed a few bugs, so be sure to read Release Notes for all details.
Note that when upgrading to this release, you need to reactivate your existing License Statistics license using your regular license Activation Key (see Activating a License Statistics license on Windows or Activating a License Statistics license online for more details).
As always, we listen to you. The improvements and fixes in this release were made in direct response to customer feedback. We do our best to listen to you and incorporate as many of your suggestions and requests as possible. This interactive process is ongoing, so please continue sharing your comments to help us make License Statistics even better for you in the future.
Haven’t try License Statistics yet? Try out the online demo or download a free trial to find out how easily you can reduce business risks, cut software costs by up to 30% and much more.

Diversity in technology industry: no longer a nice-to-have

At X-Formation we believe our company culture is one of our most valuable assets and the key for our success. We started in 2004 with just one person and today we employ around 30 people from different countries such as Denmark, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, Belarus, and Hungary. As a result, our company is a small melting pot of cultures, behaviors and habits and we continue our upward trajectory :-).
Not only did we recognize the importance of adding international dimension to our company, but we have also become a place welcoming both men and women. (Two years ago there were only two women working in our company full-time, but this number has quadrupled since that time.)
At X-Formation we know that there is a tangible value to diversifying the enterprise and … it is ultimately customers who win. Why? Well, extensive research, including the report Diversity Matters prepared by McKinsey&Company and the study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, makes it clear that diversity in the workplace, including gender diversity, can bring such advantages as:
  • greater ability to keep high performers
  • increased creativity and problem solving
  • increased productivity
  • enhanced communication skills
  • more synergy in teams
  • above-average financial returns
  • more customer satisfaction
In many companies there used to be a concern–which was never formally expressed–could women balance work and home? Attitudes have changed, though, and the outlook is brightening now as gender equality in the workplace is the best it’s ever been. This is possible thanks to “results-only” work environments adopted by many firms that let their staff work whenever and wherever they want as long as they accomplish their tasks, changing parental roles, or flextime arrangements present in many companies (such as ours!).
There are more and more opportunities for women who work in the technology industry, whether in a regular post or rising to hold high-octane jobs because companies recognized that women:
  • are more “supportive and rewarding” in leadership roles
  • accept more challenges
  • are more persuasive and score higher than men in it comes to assertiveness and persuasiveness
  • are more comfortable showing their emotions and communicating things
Women value teams and bring in empathy and better stress tolerance, whereas men contribute with their negotiation skills and determination.
Though certain differences exist in male and female attitudes that may drive a wedge between feminine and masculine roles, having a more diverse set of employees, both in terms of nationality as well as gender, means you have a more diverse set of skills. :)

A new version of LM-X License Manager out today!

We’re proud to announce that we have just rolled out LM-X v4.8.1, a new minor upgrade of our software license manager. Some highlights of the release include:
  • extending the range of valid values for HOLD and MIN_CHECKOUT directives from 1 to 86400 seconds (24 hours) to 1 to 31536000 seconds (1 year).
  • eliminating a problem with a log file not being created when installing LM-X in a directory different than /home.
  • fixing an issue which resulted in LM-X being started as a root user instead of a regular user indicated during the installation.
On top of that, we have fixed other bug fixes, so please read release notes for all details.
Interested in evaluating the latest version of LM-X License Manager? Submit your request for evaluation today. Already using LM-X? Download the latest version of the vendor LM-X SDK and see what’s new.
As with all of our product improvements, the improvements and fixes in this release were made in direct response to customer feedback. We do our best to listen to you and incorporate as many of your suggestions and requests as possible. This interactive process is ongoing, so please continue sharing your comments to help us make LM-X License Manager even better for you in the future.

Customer first, everything else follows

At X-Formation we put our Customers at the very center of the entire company—this is why we encourage them to share ideas, ask questions and suggest new features in our software products and we plan what will be included in a given release based on what our Customers tell us they want and need.
We regularly review such feedback internally to be able to provide frequent, stable updates that solve real issues for our 600 Customers and thousands of their end users. With our customer-driven development methodology, we are ready to deliver the solutions our Customers want quickly and efficiently.
But our customer-centered approach goes far beyond responsiveness to customer feedbackwe care about our Customers even when our business relationship comes to an end.
As a proof of how much we value close relationships with our Customers we would like to show you a letter we sent to one of them as a sign of appreciation of our long-standing cooperation.

X-Formation happy to have its own place :-)

Because of our growth over the past years, as well as our increased team size and products we have in the pipeline, we have come to the realization that having the entire building at our own disposal will put us in a better position to serve our 600 Customers and thousands of end users and create better results for them in the future. This is why we purchased new real property which is now one of the best-designed, inspiring offices in Cracow.
We’ve already brought you inside our sparkly new R&D office, but today we’re proud to announce that we’ve completed all external works to our building to make it as great and shiny as possible.
We look forward to continuing our great relationship with our Customers and hope that you share in our excitement!

LM-X License Manager v4.8 out today!

Recently we’ve been working hard to address some issues as well as bring more enhancements to LM-X, our software license manager. And today we’re proud to announce that we have just launched LM-X version 4.8 as part of our continued commitment to software excellence for our Customers.
Here’s a quick recap of what was done in this release:
  • Due to Google’s depreciation plan aimed at removing NPAPI support as of September 2015, LM-X GUI applet has been converted to an independent application, LM-X License Server Client, which you can easily access using end-user tools.
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2015 and Windows 10.
  • Improved the speed of loading a blacklist from secure store.
  • Dropped support for AIX PPC64 and HP-UX (64-bit) IA64.
  • Considerably improved LM-X License Manager security with regard to generating licenses.
  • Eliminated a couple of issues found in previous versions.
Be sure to read the Release Notes for all details.
Interested in evaluating the latest version of LM-X License Manager? Submit your request for evaluation today.
Already using LM-X? Download the latest version of the vendor LM-X SDK and see what’s new.
As with all of our product improvements, the improvements and fixes in this release were made in direct response to customer feedback. We do our best to listen to you and incorporate as many of your suggestions and requests as possible.
This interactive process is ongoing, so please continue sharing your comments to help us make LM-X License Manager even better for you in the future.

The power of plants in the office

It is known far and wide that flowers can perk up almost any setting. Placing a vase of flowers in the areas of your home that you spend the most time in or putting a potted plant on your nightstand so it is the first thing you see when you wake up makes you feel more energetic and happier.
But flowers are about something more than just brightening up your home space. They’re also a great way to up your productivity and happiness at work, so what about spicing up your office with a bit of greenery? Well, there must be a grain of truth in saying that offices devoid of pictures, flowers or other decorations are often considered toxic and unfriendly. No one likes to work in a minimalist, cold, lean office where… less is just less…So how do flowers raise your productivity and happiness at work? Read on.
Certain flowers have the power to clean air: sansevieria trifasciata, also known as mother-in-laws’s tongue (yes, we do have it in our X-Formation office too!) improves indoor air quality and absorbs toxins. The so called “money plant” (pictured left) purifies air, aloe, with its thick, pointed leaves, can be used to clean the air and … treat skin injuries, while red-edge dracaena considerably refreshes the air and acts as an anti-pollutant.

If you want to find out more about which plants deserve wider recognition, we strongly recommend that you to watch a TED conference by Kamal Meattle: How to grow fresh air.
A study conducted in Harvard showed that participants felt considerably happier when they worked in a green office. The results can be attributed to plants’ ability to reduce anxiety, improve memory and boost concentration. Another study conducted by a Texas-based scientific society found that:
  • people working in environments with flowers and plants demonstrate more innovative thinking and generate more ideas as compared to environments with no decorative objects
  • solutions to problems generated by people working in green offices are much more creative and flexible than those of people working in “lean” ones
It also goes without saying that flowers add a sense of “homeliness” to any area which increases the sense of attachment to the office and creates a stronger bond between employees.
Psychologists found that introducing greenery to lean workplaces led to a 15 per cent increase in output. The findings also indicated that a green working environment is  more enjoyable for employees, more conducive to concentration, and more productive for the business than its lean equivalent.
At X-Formation we believe that there is nothing better than an office full of happy people. We discovered a simple and sweet way to keep everyone in a good mood long ago – flowers! Exposure to flowers boosts employees’ mood and innovative thinking.
We’re always happy to see our flowers grow together with our staff and we continuously refine and embellish our genuinely smart office… obviously with plants!