In the center of Europe’s Silicon Valley

Recently I was doing a little research on the growing tech scene in Krakow and came across an interesting PPT presentation showing some of the key IT companies in the city. The presentation gives a little background on Krakow, some IT figures, trends, success stories, and why companies like Google, IBM, and Motorola have established themselves in this city. But more importantly, what caught my eye is our company, X-Formation, listed as an international startup with back-office R&D (note this presentation is from 2010). And I thought to myself that it’s pretty nice to have been recognized by Ramon Tancinco, Cisco’s Head of Strategy for Central and Eastern Europe (author of this presentation) as an important company in Krakow’s scene.

Seeing that I figured it would be good to stop for a moment and take the time to reflect a little on our journey…

It was in 2008 that we decided to move our R&D center to Krakow (for many of the same reasons Google and others have migrated here), and looking back now, it was definitely a key decision in our company’s history. Since then we’ve been growing steadily and have gone from a team of about 5 to now over 30 people. Naturally, this has resulted in significantly advancing development of our two core products, LM-X License Manager and License Statistics , which, mind you, have now become forces to be reckoned with in the software licensing and license management world. But additionally, in 2011 we launched a completely new product, License Activation Center which has filled a large gap in the market for online license activation and distribution solutions. All that to say, it has truly been great experience (and one we are thankful for) working with some incredible talent from this city and also establishing ourselves, without a doubt for the long term , in this beautiful city also now known as Europe’s Silicon Valley.