Description Platform Download file
LM-X End-user Tools Microsoft Windows (x86) lmx-enduser-tools_win32_x86.msi
LM-X End-user Tools Microsoft Windows (x64) lmx-enduser-tools_win64_x64.msi
LM-X End-user Tools Linux (x86) lmx-enduser-tools_linux_x86.sh
LM-X End-user Tools Linux (x86_64) lmx-enduser-tools_linux_x64.sh
LM-X End-user Tools Darwin Universal lmx-enduser-tools_darwin_universal.sh
LM-X End-user Tools FreeBSD (x86_64) lmx-enduser-tools_freebsd_x64.sh

The following table contains downloads for LM-X end users, including the LM-X server – lmx-serv, the LM-X end-user utility – lmxendutil and the LM-X configuration tool – lmxconfigtool (for Windows only).

To download the latest version of the vendor LM-X SDK, go to Vendor Downloads.

The latest Sentinel HASP drivers can be downloaded on the SafeNet website.

For older versions of end-user tools, please contact your software vendor.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to