See What’s Inside License Activation Center

Cloud Computing

License Activation Center (LAC) is in the cloud, so you always have easy access anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. You’re also spared traditional installation hassles and maintenance worries, since you’ll always have the latest License Activation Center upgrades simply by logging in.

As a cloud-based application, License Activation Center also offers you advantages such as cost savings, reliable security and automated data backup. Removing the need to invest in underutilized stand-alone servers and software licenses helps you significantly reduce your capital costs.

License Manager Support

License Activation Center natively supports LM-X License Manager, but can also be used with other 3rd-party licensing systems such as Reprise License Manager (RLM) and FlexNet Publisher, providing more flexibility and allowing you to better serve your customers regardless of the software they’re using. 

Bulk LicensinG

Provide more convenience to your end users by letting them use a single activation key to lock their licenses to multiple machines. Instead of requiring separate activation keys for each HostID licenses will be locked to, bulk licensing lets end users use a single activation key to lock the licenses to multiple machines.

Each license under the bulk license order is identified by a unique combination of the activation key and HostID. Having fewer keys to manage saves your end users time and hassle when activating their licenses.

Web-based REST and SOAP APIs

License Activation Center provides a web-based REST and SOAP API that can be used across many programming languages and facilitates communication between License Activation Center and other applications.

You can use the API for license administration—including product, customer and license template management—and to automate communication with customers, such as sending email notifications for software expiration. The API also lets you automate license activation for end users.

Custom Templates

With License Activation Center, you can define one or more templates for each product that lets you save time by reusing settings when creating license orders. For example, you may want to sell your products to small businesses on different conditions than when you sell them to corporate ones. Custom template guides let you include different expiration terms and features to make your own customized templates for each of these scenarios, eliminating the need to specify the details for each license you create.

To apply all the default conditions to the license order automatically, simply select the appropriate template. Each template includes default settings for included features, the type of HostID locking to use, the license type, and more. You can override any of these default settings when creating license orders. 

Efficient License Management

With its intuitive user interface that allows for quick and efficient license management, License Activation Center provides a positive and surprisingly easy software experience.

License Activation Center was developed to be effortless for both software vendors and end users. Defining products, creating license orders, overall software license management and product activation have been encapsulated in easy-to-follow steps anyone can understand.

Custom Tags

Custom tags let you add fields to License Activation Center that will be available for use in both the web-based UI and the LAC REST and SOAP APIs.

For example, you might like to track the technical support level that a customer purchased when adding your customers to License Activation Center. To do this, you would add a custom tag called, for example, “Support Plan.” You can use the Support Plan field to enter the customer’s level of support; for example, Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Custom tags are most powerful when used in the API to locate and manipulate objects based on their associated data. For instance, using our “Support Plan” example, you can use the API to get a list of all your customers that have Gold level support.

Event Reminders

Stay on top of your customer needs and notify customers about pertinent information regarding their license usage.

Customizable event triggers automatically notify you and your end users about important license information, so your customers know when they’re running out of available license activations, their license maintenance is nearing expiration or their licenses are nearing expiration.