How to choose the right software license management solution

Whether you are an enterprise-level corporation or a small business, X-Formation software license management products can meet all your licensing needs. As a customer-driven development company with almost 15 years of experience in building superior software products, we not only remain responsive to real-world user feedback but also we keep our software development on track with our Customers’ needs. Our solutions meet the most demanding licensing needs, including:

License Statistics



Do you need a better understanding of how floating software licenses are used in your organization?

Engineering software licenses (like Autodesk, Altair, SolidWorks or Siemens PLM) can be very expensive, so if you ever wonder how those licenses are being used in your organization, it may be the right time to try a software license tracking tool.

License Statistics is an online application that allows you to monitor and manage the use of licenses software products in your organization in real time or through log importation. With License Statistics, you can keep track of software licenses for a variety of license servers, including LM-X License Manager, FLEXlm/FlexNet, IBM LUM, Dassault Systemes License Server (DSLS), Sentinel LM/RMS and Reprise License Manager (RLM).

Knowing exactly how high-value software licenses are being used throughout your entire organization can help you optimize license usage, trim costs even by 30%, improve business productivity through reduction of denials and efficient license allocation, and better plan your future licensing needs.


Do you want to protect your licensed application and give your end-users worry-free access to your software?

If you are a software vendor, you know how important it is to securely license and protect your products. At the same time, you realize that your end users should be able to enjoy a simplified experience with your software. If you want to control your license policies separately from the product, you need a software licensing tool.

LM-X License Manager is a software licensing solution that offers a variety of options for configuring your products so you can target multiple market segments and meet the needs (and budgets) of all types of customers. Customers can pay only for what they need, increasing your pricing depth and improving your ROI. For example, you can license and sell features individually or bundle them together to sell as a single licensed product.

With LM-X, you can also protect your products against privacy and enforce various levels of security. In addition, when coupled with License Activation Center (LAC), LM-X offers end-to-end software licensing solution for every phase of license management to completely automate license creation and activation.

LM-X License Manager


License Activation Center (LAC)


Do you want to automate software license creation, activation and distribution?

Software vendors know that efficient, automated license activation is essential if they want to boost their business productivity, keep up with new technologies and meet evolving needs of their customers. What they need is a solution that would not only provide them with centralized license management, but also would give their end user’s easy, on-demand access to software.

License Activation Center provides a web-based REST and SOAP APIs that can be used across many programming languages and streamlines communication between License Activation Center and other applications. The REST and SOAP APIs are separated into the Vendor API and End-user API. The former is used for the administration of licenses, including managing customers or license orders, whereas the latter is used to enable end users to activate licenses by means of an activation key and, if relevant, HostID parameters. It’s enough to use the End-user API to activate a license.

Still not sure which licensing product to choose?