Rocket your license management to the next level with bulk licensing

Our primary mission at X-Formation is to provide our customers with the ultimate software experience, and today we’re excited to announce a new License Activation Center (LAC) feature that delivers just that: bulk licensing .

How does bulk licensing work?

If you have end users that want to install your software on multiple machines, LAC’s new bulk licensing feature is for you. Managing multiple activation keys can be a hassle for these users, but with LAC’s new bulk licensing, you can make their lives a little easier. With bulk licensing, you specify the number of activations that will be allowed for the license order using a single activation key. Your users will be happy to find that they can reuseone activation keyto activate and download their licenses ontomultiple machines.

Don’t you just love to see your users smile, sitback, and relax?

Mission accomplished: customer satisfaction

We’ve introduced bulk licensing in direct response to your own mission to expand upon the self-service features you offer your customers. Our development team is always at the helm, ready to launch new missions and explore the outer reaches of improving our products to help you reach your goals.

Pleaseshare your thoughtswith us, and join us in our mission to improve our products and support services. See LAC in action by going to our online LAC demo , and take your license management to the next level!