About Us

Our Story

We started in 2004 with the goal of building great software products that would help companies boost their revenue and reduce costs. Since then, we have expanded from our headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark to establishing an R&D office in 2008 in Eastern Europe’s Silicon Valley, Krakow, Poland. This is where we work with really smart people to develop solutions for our customers.


What We Do

We build software solutions used in the field of software licensing and improving business productivity. Following the industry’s best practices for effective and smooth software development, we first thoroughly analyze our customers’ needs and learn as much as we can about their needs, and then we apply the tools and technology to achieve the best results. Each release is thoroughly tested to ensure our software will work the way it should.
X-Formation Team
X-Formation Customers

Why Us

We are used by more than 600 customers—including several Fortune 500 and other billion-dollar corporations—because not only we provide premium quality software and exceptional support, but also promote close cooperation with our customers.
Our customers’ perspective has always determined our course of action. Through our customer-driven development methodology, our customers have a say in what we do and actively participate in product development, to help shape the products they use.