License Statistics Pricing


*The offer is available for eligible universities and other academic institutions. (Please see our Academic Program for more information.)
License Statistics imported usage* lets you gather and review all the existing information stored in license server log files.
License Statistics realtime usage allows you to gather data and usage statistics from the license servers at specified time intervals.
License Statistics pricing is based on:
  • Total number of users monitored
  • Total license servers monitored
  • Type of monitoring:
    • Realtime Usage – for monitoring and gathering usage statistics in real time (includes also monitoring of denied usage)
    • Imported Usage – for importing report and pay-per-use log files

*Imported usage can’t be purchased without having a valid realtime license

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Download and evaluate the trial version of License Statistics. The trial version is full-featured and is free to use for 30 days. You can also check out our License Statistics demo to get a quick look at the software.
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