LM-X lets ISVs choose from many options for bundling and configuring their products
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LM-X License Manager consists of several libraries and tools that can be used by software application developers to protect their products against piracy, control their license policies externally from applications, and enforce various levels of security.

LM-X software license manager can be run on a number of platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. LM-X includes numerous features that let developers license their software to end users in any way they choose, reduce business risk, and save lots of time.

When coupled with License Activation Center (LAC), LM-X provides a complete license management solution that greatly simplifies license creation and activation.

Effective self-service license distribution and activation, a wide variety of licensing models, simplicity of use for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and end users, as well as simplified license creation and activation are only a few reasons why LM-X is one of the best solutions available on the market today.


LM-X License Manager offers a variety of licensing models

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