Software License Management Solutions

As it goes for a customer-driven development company, we listen to our Customers and build great software products that are used in the field of management of software licenses and business productivity. Our solutions meet the most demanding business needs, including:
  • Software license usage tracking
  • Software licensing and protection
  • License fulfillment and activation

Choose the X-Formation products that are right for you:

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Need to Track Floating Licenses?

You Need License Statistics.

License Statistics is the complete out of the box solution for tracking and reporting software license usage in real-time or through log importation. Supporting LM-X License Manager, FLEXlm, FlexNet Manager, Reprise License Manager (RLM), Sentinel RMS, and over 10 license managers, License Statistics provides the tools necessary for centrally monitoring thousands of different high-value applications to help organizations optimize license usage and software costs, improve company productivity through reduction of denials and efficient license allocation, and forecast future needs by providing information required to make the right license management decisions.

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License Statistics tracks license usage for a number of license servers

Need to License and Protect Your Software?

LM-X License Manager lets software vendors protect their licensed applications

You Need LM-X License Manager.

LM-X License Manager is a software licensing solution that offers one of widest ranges of licensing models and features available on the market to enable you, as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) to securely license and protect your products, but also to quickly reach new markets and customers. LM-X delivers a simplified customer experience, so that your users will think about your software and not about your licensing.

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Need Self-service License Distribution and Activation?

You Need License Activation Center.

License Activation Center (LAC) is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that dramatically simplifies software license creation and distribution. LAC provides centralized license management for independent software vendors (ISV), and on-demand access to software for their end users. LAC’s web-based user interface can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and runs on most popular browsers.

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License Activation center is an advanced license fulfillment and activation system