Gain the upper hand over license management

It goes without saying that havingfull control over your license management system is necessary. Feeling out of your depth about getting the software up and running, or dealing with unneeded complexity of a license management system is something you can avoid. Read on… LM-X License Manager is a solution that offers a wide array of benefits both for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), who clearly recognize the importance of the applications they develop, as well as for end users interested in getting their applications up and running as smoothly as possible. LM-X is one of the best solutions on the market today for many reasons:

1. Easy-to-use setup tools and automatic server discovery accelerate the software installation process, and thus, save you lots of time. On top of that, clear, complete documentation will smoothly guide you through each stage of the setup process (from installation to license activation).

2. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover how painless and straightforward transitioning to LM-X License Manager from legacy license management systems can be.

Customers that have transitioned from competing license managers to LM-X said it was virtually seamless.

3. With LM-X License Manager you will have easier access to other company products that offer you end-to-end solutions for license management that range from licensing your software, fulfilling license requests, to monitoring license usage. License Activation Center (LAC) provides centralized license management, whereas License Statistics is used to monitor license usage. Teaming LM-X with LAC delivers centralized software license management for vendors and online license activation for end users.

4. Software protected by LM-X License Manager has proved to be effective and reliable – otherwise it wouldn’t be deployed with Fortune 500 companies and other corporations active in the fields of production, education, aerospace or aircraft, to name just a handful.

Been there, done that…

Trust us — we’ve spent a great deal of time developing our products. Although they fulfill various needs, target diverse markets and have different features, what they share is simplicity of use, an intuitive UI, and functionality that has been attracting our customers’ attention for close to a decade.

Take a minute to try the LM-X demo ,and take your license management to the next level.