Keep an eye on license reactivation patterns and override ISV

Things happen. One day the operating system of your customer’s computer may change or his boss may announce that he is just about to reward his employee’s hard work with the all-new, fab laptop. While many people would probably be over the moon about getting a new, state-of-the art computer, some of them could start worrying. And these would probably be Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Know why?

Contacting the software vendor and asking him to reactivate a license consumes the vendor’s time! And time means money, or to be more precise, wasted time means money loss. License reactivation becomes an issue when it comes to hundreds of rehosts every single month – doing it is just an arduous task for ISVs .

Is there any way out to save both the ISVs and the customer’s time and effort during license reactivation?

If the first thought that crossed your mind was “No”, you were in the wrong! The vendor can save lots of time thanks to the End User API that enables the end user’s application to connect LAC directly, without the need to involve the vendor in the meantime. End users can reactivate the license on their own if the vendor allows for this. Furthermore, thanks to LAC the software vendor gets more transparency of how often single customers ask for license reactivation. No matter what host id ISVs require end users to lock their licenses to, they can collect information about the values of particular host ids used by a customer.

Not having to contact the vendor in order to reactivate the license means keeping a firm grip on time and money. And, perhaps first of all, it means more customer satisfaction.

Get a sneak peek at the license reactivation process and download the online License Activation Center demo !