How to Use License Servers Usage Page

The License Servers Usage page, new with License Statistics v6.6, allows administrators to monitor statistics about each license server

The License Servers Usage report page gives administrators the ability to monitor statistics about how each license server is being used in real time. A usage chart gives you an overview of usage counts, and a usage grid provides usage details for each license server.

The information you get from the License Servers Usage report page can help you understand exactly how many users are using which license servers. You can actually see which servers have the heaviest use, helping you make better decisions about future hardware and network requirements.

You’ll find the License Servers Usage report in the Usage tab of the License Servers page, located under the Administration section in the left pane. (This page is visible only for License Statistics administrator users.)

The License Servers Usage Chart

(Available in v6.6 under the new licensing model only.) The Usage tab includes a License Servers Usage chart that allows you to view counts for Users, Features, or Hosts. You can sort by total or current usage. Control your viewing options using the Show and Sort by drop-down menus.

License Servers Usage grid

The License Servers Usage grid lists details about the number of features, users and hosts in the database for each license server. The grid provides the following information for each license server:

  • The number of features/users/hosts included in the last query.
  • The number of the users/hosts that were monitored by the associated license server only.
  • The number of all features/users/hosts monitored by the associated license server.

Hover over any number in the grid, and you’ll see a list of the users, hosts, or features included in that report count. In any such list you can edit the display name, display version, and description that appears in reports.

Refer to “Reviewing license server usage” for more details on using the License Servers Usage page.

Get to know License Statistics

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