License Statistics v6.13 Introduces Custom Application Monitoring

With the introduction of License Harvesting in our previous release of License Statistics, we expanded the capabilities of License Statistics to be able to monitor applications in order to detect and automatically release idle licenses, cutting down on underutilized licenses and associated costs. So why not take it a step further and deliver statistics about the applications being monitored?

With our newest development, Custom Application monitoring, we’ve done just that, evolving License Statistics from a tool limited to monitoring license servers to a system that can monitor and manage application usage. With the combination of Custom Application monitoring and License Harvesting (which can optionally be used for any monitored application), License Statistics now offers a complete solution for monitoring, tracking, reporting and managing usage of any application—even those without a license server or log file—across your entire company.

When a user starts up an application configured for Custom Application monitoring, License Statistics Agents gather the application’s usage information, such as user and host names, time and duration of usage, number of instances used, etc. The usage data is passed along to License Statistics for presentation in its usual reports, with each instance represented as a used license, regardless whether the application is licensed.

Custom Application monitoring makes it easy for your company to stay on top of:

  • Who is using the application, and where and when it’s being used
  • How often your company is using the application overall, so you can eliminate software that’s not being used
  • Whether the application is being used according to your company’s set rules; for example, limits based on working hours (used in combination with License Harvesting, you can even force an application to be unavailable outside of specified hours)

What’s more, setting up Custom Application monitoring is a breeze. See the License Statistics documentation for complete details, and as always, please feel free to contact support@x-formation.com with any questions. We’ll be delighted to serve you.