License Statistics v6.16

License Statistics v6.16 adds new features and improves user experience

With License Statistics version 6.16, we are excited to announce the addition of support for another new license manager, Altium Infrastructure Server (AIS/PLS) license manager (remote monitoring and import), as well as adding remote support for Green Hills Software (GHS) license manager (which we added in License Statistics 6.15 with import support only).

We also expanded our email notifications by adding a new alert for outdated License Statistics Agents. By enabling this alert, when an unsupported Agent version attempts a connection to License Statistics, you’ll receive email notifications for the first occurrence per user, daily if there are outdated agents, after a License Statistics update if there are outdated agents.

We take pride in truly listening to our customers, and we’ve made several enhancements in response to your feedback and requests, improving overall user experience. Some highlights of this release’s enhancements include:

  • The User column in reports now includes additional columns for all User properties (including LDAP data) that can be toggled to be shown or hidden in the report details
  • Improvements to Connection settings on the Remote Monitoring tab restrict the Hostname field entry to only the hostname or domain. In addition, a new “Secured” checkbox can be used to force an HTTPS connection.
  • It’s now quick and easy to reset your administrator password to the default password with the click of a button using License Statistics Manager
  • You can control the detail level of License Statistics events included in the log file, with options to include all events, just warnings and errors, or limit the log to include only error reporting
  • Improved import validation accounts for errors that occur when
    • importing denials, and real-time denials are supported and enabled
    • importing usage, and real-time usage monitoring is enabled
  • Improved consistency of labels and content in report grids, report exports to external formats, General Information panels, and LDAP Schema Settings help make the UI more intuitive
  • The ability to resize the SQL Query field in the SQL Console makes it easier to enter, edit and view your queries

Please also note that we’ve updated system requirements for this release, with dropped support for Debian 9.

We’re always striving to improve License Statistics to be easy to use and incorporate the feedback you give us. Let us know what you think of the new features and enhancements we’ve delivered with License Statistics v6.16, and please don’t hesitate to contact with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!