Set It and Forget It: License Harvesting and License Statistics v6.10

License Statistics v6.10 brings the next evolution of License Harvesting with automatic remote license release and monitored application events grid. A new, detailed Session History chart rounds out the advances this time around.

The License Statistics v6.10 release extends the power and utility of License Harvesting through implementation of automatic remote license release. It also provides two new reports, one for historical events that occur with applications monitored for License Harvesting, and a new Session History chart that provides detailed data on feature usage across user sessions.

Discover what the new features will do for you below.

Automatic Remote License Release for LM-X and Flexnet License Servers

The next iteration of License Harvesting gives you even greater control over when idle licenses become available in the license pool. License servers can block license availability for some time even after the Agent has closed an idle end-user application. Without manual intervention, it can take as much as an hour before another user can access an idle license. License servers such as LM-X and Flexnet have begun to provide better hooks for automation tools.

License Statistics v6.10 now provides automatic remote license release for LM-X and Flexnet license servers. This gets idle licenses back into the available license pool just after the Agent has closed the end-user application. No more waiting or manual intervention required – simply set it and forget it.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select the feature(s) used by the Application on the License Harvesting configuration form.
  2. On each end-user host, License Agent monitors the application using your License Harvesting rules.
  3. When the application is idle, License Agent closes it and immediately notifies License Statistics that the application has been closed.
  4. Based on the information it receives from the License Agent, and upon the features configured for that application, License Statistics executes the command on query tool, which releases the license on the server. The result? The application is closed on the end-user host AND the license is released to the available pool without waiting.

The automatic license release feature is available for LM-X license server and query tool (lmxendutil) version 4.9.24 and later, and for Flexnet license servers.

Application Events Grid

License Harvesting – Application Events Grid

Also new with License Statistics v6.10 and enhanced License Harvesting is the License Harvesting – Application Events grid. The grid lists historical events that occur with applications monitored for License Harvesting. The new grid provides a history of actions taken by the License Agent while monitoring the end-user host application for harvesting. Access the grid from the License Harvesting administration page per selected application. The same information is available on the end-user host per License Harvester instance.

Session History

New Session History Provides Deep Dive

The new Session History chart, which gives you a view into the data from the end-user host perspective, is available under Features -> User History. Use it to see all sessions for a selected feature on a selected day per user/host. You can now drill deeper into feature usage across sessions by end-user host, giving you greater insight into when key features are most and least used.

The X-Formation team is devoted to simplifying your license administration tasks through detailed reporting and complete automation of routine tasks – including recapture of idle licenses that would otherwise cost you hundreds of lost productivity hours every month.

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