LM-X Support for Linux ARM

LM-X support for Linux ARM

The evolution of High Performance Computing (HPC) over the past years and its expected substantial growth to come has many businesses considering how to bring their applications to ARM devices. ARM computing devices are a significant improvement over other computing resources, offering higher density packaging of more units in a single cabinet while lowering overall power consumption and heat emission. These benefits have caught the attention of many CTOs, who recognize that ARM allows for computations at lower cost and higher efficiency.

Due to these notable advantages, Linux ARM has become an essential platform for many of our LM-X License Manager customers. Recognizing this need, we support both 32-bit and 64-bit Linux ARM as development platforms for LM-X License Manager. As part of this support, we’ve made it possible to use HaspHL Dongle HostID and Raspberry Pi serial numbers when defining the HostID values for your protected application.

We’ve already seen significant interest from our customers in using Linux on ARM, and we expect this to continue to increase moving forward. The high-density computing power and improved efficiency gained by lower power costs and heat emissions that ARM provides is what future data centers will require. In response, we’re working hard along with our customers to ensure they have the support they need today to ensure the success of tomorrow.

For complete information about using LM-X, see LM-X License Manager Documentation.