X-Formation celebrates 20 years of success

We can hardly believe it–X-Formation is 20 years old this month! Twenty years ago, we could not have imagined all that X-Formation would achieve.

X-Formation was founded in Aarhus, Denmark, on March 17, 2004, by Henrik Goldman. An ambitious, passionate entrepreneurial software developer just graduating university, Henrik had a strong vision that holds true today: develop better license management solutions that provide an optimal cost to value ratio, strong software licensing protections, and ease of use for both developers and their licensed software customers.

X-Formation Team - 2008
X-Formation Team,  year 2011.

X-Formation initially developed LM-X License Manager, which went on the market in 2005 and was followed quickly by the first release of License Statistics in 2006. In 2008, X-Formation expanded to open an R&D office in Krakow, Poland. Companion tools to help simplify software license creation and distribution were developed over several years, culminating in the introduction of License Activation Center in 2013. With these three products, X-Formation was able to offer a suite of tools that together provide an end-to-end software licensing solution for every phase of license management.

Within a short time, X-Formation acquired the business of hundreds of customers worldwide. Many of the earliest adopters, including X-Formation’s very first customer, remain customers today. This level of loyalty is our reward for trying our hardest every day to bring our customers a good value proposition that helps keep costs down while offering a world-class product and quick support – something that larger companies often cannot compete with.

Beyond offering an excellent product, fair pricing and reliable support, we believe that much of X-Formation’s success has come from including our customers as an integral part of our company. From day one, we’ve seen our customers as our greatest collaborators. Your input about what’s important to you has provided invaluable guidance to help us evolve and make our products the best they can be.

Of course, our talented, dedicated employees are our number one asset. X-Formation fosters a working environment that respects and values each individual, promotes self-empowerment, and builds teamwork, enabling everyone to have an influence on the success of the company. Our vibrant company culture has lent itself to enduring working relationships, with numerous 10-year anniversary celebrations for our employees over the years.

We’re immensely grateful to everyone who has contributed to X-Formation’s success over the past 20 years, and we look forward to continuing to bring you software solutions that contribute to your own successes for many years into the future.


X-Formation Team - 2024X-Formation Team, year 2024.