Unleash the power of license activation with License Activation Center

Automated license activation is paramount to accelerate the growth of your company, keep up with new technologies, trends and, most importantly of all, meet your customers’ expectations. An efficient license activation solution will let you quickly and easily generate licenses and activation keys for your end users.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at License Activation Center (LAC) and some its features that will help you automate the entire license activation process, making license activation an extremely efficient, user-friendly, and positive experience. Read on…

How you can benefit

Designed to streamline software license creation, distribution, and activation, LAC gives end users a means to activate their own licenses without your intervention. LAC combines key success factors of license activation that you will greatly appreciate:

  1. No installation hassles or maintenance worries
  2. No need to create multiple license jobs to handle license activations and control license deployment
  3. Smart interface that can be accessed by end users 24/7 from a web browser
  4. Higher customer satisfaction
  5. Ease of use
  6. Reliability

How LAC works

LAC provides a web-based SOAP API that can be used across many programming languages and streamlines communication between LAC and other applications. The SOAP APIs are separated into the Vendor API and End-user API . The former is used for the administration of licenses, including managing customers or license orders, whereas the latter is used to enable end users to activate licenses by means of an activation key and, if relevant, HostID parameters. It’s enough to use the End-user API to activate a license.

With LAC, you can automate license activation for end users thanks to two smart solutions that can be built in the vendor’s application. One such tool, License Activator , enables license activation on Windows, letting your end users:

  1. Activate a license over the internet by entering the activation key obtained from you
  2. Browse for and use an existing license file that has already been activated
  3. Optionally (if provided by you), run the software as a trial without requiring license activation. In this case, you will see a “Run as 30-day Trial” option when you start License Activator

License Activator will also let your end users export the current computer’s HostIDs to a file.

Apart from License Activator, LAC includes a command line utility, lacutil ,thatlets you activate a license from a command line on a number of OS. You can retrieve HostIDs and send them as a part of the activation request, as well as specify proxy information.

As an ISV, you’re probably juggling many tasks, including license activation. Try LAC and get one thing off your plate. Be the true architect of your licensing strategy and unleash the power of license activation.

To find out how LAC can improve your company’s licensing strategy or to discuss LAC pricing options please .

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