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Software asset management is a critical part of nearly any business’s success. Software can be very expensive, as well as critical to productivity. A lack of control and understanding of how your software licenses are being used can negatively impact decision making when it comes time to renew or purchase software. Gaining clear insight into your license usage helps both lower the costs and increase the value of your software purchases.

License Statistics offers a complete solution for tracking license usage–whether on the cloud or in-house–that combines full features with unbeatable usability. With support for over 30 different license server types, plus the ability to configure custom applications for monitoring, License Statistics provides extensive flexibility, giving you the ability to monitor all your license servers individually, across your entire organization.

Perhaps best of all, you can begin realizing the benefits that License Statistics offers from day one. License Statistics reports your license tracking information using charts and graphs that anyone can understand, and getting up and running is quick and easy. Simply open License Statistics in any standard web browser, and instantly get the information you need to optimize your organization’s license usage, including:

  • Which users are consuming the greatest number of licenses, during what hours, and on which hosts, giving you insight into licensing needs per department or region:License Statistics - Current users
  • Which licenses are unused or underused, eliminating wasted software spend:License Statistics - Current utilization
  • Which licenses are in high demand, how often users are denied access to critical software, and when users keep licenses checked out unnecessarily:License Statistics - User denials
  • Comparison of current and historical usage, helping you to more accurately project optimal budgeting and purchasing strategies:License Statistics - Feature utilization
  • Which licenses are nearing expiration, so you you’re always up-to-date with your maintenance renewals:License Statistics - Feature expiring in next 12 months
  • Which license servers are up and running, helping you quickly differentiate between various license server statuses:License Statistics - License server uptime

License Statistics makes sharing all of this invaluable information between departments simple and straightforward. With a single click, any report can be exported to a CSV, XLSX or PDF file, so everyone in your organization, from individual software users, to IT administrators, to department managers, can stay informed and make sound decisions about software license usage.

Going beyond simple reporting, License Statistics automates license optimization with Custom Application Monitoring and License Harvesting, helping you cut down on underutilized licenses and associated costs. Custom Application Monitoring lets you monitor and control any Windows application, independently of the vendor and license server, gaining accurate information about your organization’s license usage and needs.

Any application set up for Custom Application Monitoring can also be set up for License Harvesting, which automates license sharing by detecting and releasing idle licenses.

License Statistics - Edit custom application

Using License Statistics Agent, License Harvesting monitors whether a configured application is actively used. Typically, License Harvesting is used to monitor applications that are licensed using network, token or pay-per-use licensing models, but can be used for any application that you want to prevent from running outside of predefined hours or being idle for a predetermined length of time on the host machine.

When an idle state is detected, License Harvesting releases the license using your preferred method, such as asking the user to close the application or closing it automatically.

License Statistics - License harvester

If you want to experience the cost-saving benefits of a truly robust, easy-to-use license management and optimization solution that can help you gain control over your IT assets and improve your company’s business operations and profitability, contact us today to find out more about License Statistics!

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