Support for Autodesk Feature Collections Debuts in License Statistics v6-11

Support for Autodesk Feature Collections Debuts in License Statistics v6.11

Autodesk Feature Collections support, Zoo License Manager support, and a redesigned license server administration interface lead the pack of new features and enhancements delivered by License Statistics v6.11.

The License Statistics v6.11 release brings with it new features and enhancements that further streamline license server monitoring and administration tasks. The new features include:

  • Support for Autodesk feature collections.
  • Support for Zoo License Manager.
  • A redesigned license server administration interface, including:
    • Support for multiple data sources for a single license server.
    • New Single License Server grid allowing you to manage all servers independently from data sources.
    • New add/edit license server form.
  • Added ability to import usage data from LM-X log files and FlexNet debug log files.
  • Redesigned data importing, including:
    • Ability to import data using API endpoints.
    • A simplified two-step wizard to configure import settings for each file.
    • Four strategies for merging imported data.
  • The host IP address is now included on applicable reports.

Discover what the new features will do for you below.

(For details on all features, refer to the License Statistics v6.11 Release Notes and associated v6.11 documentation.)

Manage AutoDesk Feature Collections

The License Statistics v6.11 introduces Feature Collections support for the Autodesk License Manager.

Collections allow you to separate specific Feature usage reporting based on which package the Feature belongs to, rather than combining all usage of that Feature in a single report. You get more granular information about how your licenses are being used – and whether you’re getting the value for them you expected.

By default, Features do not belong to a Collection until you add them in the Gathering section as you create a license server. Once you have enabled Collections for a license server, features for that license server will be reported based on their Collection name.

Refer to the License Statistics Features Collections documentation for further information on Autodesk Feature Collections.

Zoo License Manager Support

You asked, and so in License Statistics v6.11 we added support for the Zoo license manager used with the popular Rhino 3D modeling software.

Remote and Import data sources are allowed for generating reports, and log files can also be imported. License Statistics v6.11 supports feature versioning and license borrowing for imported data.

As we learn of new and popularly used license managers, trust us to give you the support you need for them. See the License Statistics documentation for currently supported license managers.

Redesigned License Server Administration Interface

The License Statistics v6.11 release brings a License Server Administration interface redesigned to streamline administrative functions. Included in the redesign: You can now specify multiple data sources for a single license server. A simplified single License Server grid now allows you to manage all servers independently from their data sources.

A new add/edit license server form is also included in the release. On the reporting side, the host IP address for each user consuming a license is now identified in applicable reports.

New Data Import Features

Not only can you now import usage data from LM-X log files and FlexNet debug log files, but the entire data importing interface has been redesigned both for usability and added functionality.

You can now, for example, import data using API endpoints, giving you more flexibility in the way you bring data into your organization’s dashboards and custom reports. A simplified two-step wizard now guides you through importing settings for each file. There are also four new strategies for merging imported data to give you more flexibility.

The X-Formation team is devoted to simplifying your license administration tasks through detailed reporting and complete automation of routine tasks – including recapture of idle licenses that would otherwise cost you hundreds of lost productivity hours every month.

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